Be Resilient

December 1, 2019
Justin Ikerionwu
Muenfua Lewis

Positivity. Dynamism. Resilience. Strength. Manifestation. These are a few words that stuck with me from my sit down with Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, and the overall motivating Darriqueca Green. Hearing her story I couldn’t help but feel this is a woman with a mental toughness that rivals her powerful physique. Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Green has built a brand focused on passing that same mental and physical strength on to everyone she works with. “First of all, I always applaud all of them,” Green proclaimed. “You never know what people are going through. All it takes is for someone to smile or tell you that they look good, or that they’re doing a good job. I always commend them on how good they are doing. When they work out I’m always saying good job girl, don’t give up, you got this. Now second, I’m always on their ass though. I push them. I don’t allow them to cheat themselves and half step”.

“Can’t” is a word that is not allowed when you’re working out with Darriqueca Green. When she was telling me about her classes and the way she runs them I could just feel the love that she has for the women that come out and are willing to fight for what they want and the goals that they have.

Green has always been in touch with her athletic side. She came out the womb competitive and never shied away from a match of any sort, whether it was competitive debate back-and-forth with her father or pushing to be able to play football with the guys. If you mix competitiveness, confidence, and admiration for overall health and wellness you will have Darriqueca Green.  

Growing up in Kansas City Missouri, Green attended J.S Chick African Shule. This phenomenal institution provided a high-quality education with a strong cultural emphasis. Set in traditional African beliefs, instilling confidence and culture deep within the spirit of the children that attended was the institutions objective. She explained, “Going to that school you woke up everyday feeling and believing, I can, I am somebody. We would have to get together and say it in front of the whole school, sometimes in front of our parents. They made you do that. It built internal self-worth and fearlessness that stuck with me”. This is beautiful to hear, today so many in our generation feel less than, more than generations before due to all the outside forces that play a factor in our lives.

Why do we allow certain things to get to us? Why must we allow others to have control over us? We put so much power in the opinions and point of views of people in our lives. We play the comparison game and judge our own progress based on what we see around us.

We have so much access to people and comparison steals joy so much. We are hard on ourselves for no reason. We allow others to be hard on us for no reason. Don’t allow others to define you as you find yourself. “Fighting this feeling does take time, it’s best to talk to people that have been there along the way. These people can help and guide you through that feeling because they’ve been there before. They can express and understand because there are different aspects to it”, Green stated.

Darriqueca had her own personal battles mentally and testimony of overcoming. “I have had my own personal battles, my own goals that I have. Me keeping myself together is aside from what life throws at me. It goes into that battle of being you while dealing with life. I’ve dealt with a lot of betrayals, hate, hurt and a lot of pain,” she explained. “That’s what has made me who I am. That’s what helps me on my journey because of everything that’s happened in the past”. Green has overcome many obstacles that would keep a lot of us stuck in our tracks. She understands what it means to be resilient and she understands what it means to not let anything stop you from achieving and chasing your potential. Finding yourself is done by finding who you are in the face of the adversities that we encounter on a day-to-day basis.

“Every experience that I’ve had plays a factor in who I am. It always is what brings me closer to my clients. I’m able to understand where they are coming from because what I’ve been from”

“Comparison is a disease. To compare means you don’t know you’re own self worth. You’ll never be satisfied trying to live someone else’s life. You don’t know what struggles they’ve been through to live that life. You don’t know what they’ve been suffering from to be where they are. Love yourself always.”

Green continues to push this message through the work that she does. “You are what you think, you are what you eat, you are what you believe. If you say that you can’t do something your body is going to physically prevent you from doing it because you’re breaking a comfort zone. Get out of that comfort zone and say that you can. I teach my clients to be specific, find the reason for the struggle and let’s adjust. Don’t give up”.

Green is in her second year with her brand. The brand grows every day. She can’t tell us all the sauce but she knows with consistency and belief in herself things will continue to fall in place.  

Services Darriqueca offers:

  • Personal training
  • Bootcamps at the Do Work Factory 2.0 gym
  • Meal preps