January 1, 2019
Muenfua Lewis

In the world of fashion, new, emerging faces are entering the market telling dynamic and unique stories through their clothing. Check out UE Supply Co. Since 2014, this brand has been growing with dynamic pieces that intersect many avenues such as athletic wear, streetwear, and a little workwear as well. Here’s a word from the founders of UE Supply Co.

”UE Supply Co. (Urban Elegance/UE) is an urban-contemporary brand that is dedicated to providing high quality clothing at an affordable price. We aim to accomplish this by giving the consumer a look into the founders’ vision for style.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality products, affordable rates, and each garment has a story that includes cultural influence.

Michael posing in dowtown DC

We want to be an influential clothing brand in major cities across the US. UE is a brand that makes sure its consumers are relatable to the UE members.  “

UE Supply’s worldwide influence is notable through their dynamic pieces that remind us that the world isn’t so big after all. UE’s  ability to connect people through affordable, quality fashion holds value and a piece of their’s belongs in anyone’s closet. More info on UE Supply Co. located below:
Model: @Safounder
Photographer: @byjordanspry
Videographer: @1swiftmotion
Creative Director: @Buddie_O