By Design Radio Episode 01

February 12, 2020
Quinton Burnett
Muenfua Lewis

Of the many things that inspire the creative in all of us, music holds a special place. Check out the new, By Design Radio, monthly playlists curated by creative people for creative people. If you're in need of inspiration or just looking to vibe throughout you day, this is for you. Say goodbye to the old Audio Mood Boards, and welcome in the new By Design Radio available on Apple Music and Spotify.

Today's curator is Quinton Burnett (@papaburnett) 

Quinton Burnett is a fashion creative, self-proclaimed style guru and lover of all things aesthetic. Operating as head of Special Projects for ByDesign, he explores all channels of creativity with fervor and intention.

Episode 001: "Dawn"

The first appearance of light in the sky, the beginning of a new phenomenon, the period of time blending the late night and the early morning. Dawn exists as a dreamscape, a newness, and a time of reflection and preparation. Like the light of the sun cresting the horizon, allow the tones to wash over you, relax you, and prepare you for something new.

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