By Design Radio Episode 03

April 28, 2020

Without music, it's probably not getting done." Need some inspiration to aid your creative process? We’ve got another BD Radio to help you tap into your creative hustle this week. Episode 3, DUSK, is out now.

"This week's creative is Desmund Weathers, a software engineer that works for the Cooking product at The New York Times. Beyond that, Desmund is a photographer, a musician (saxophone), an aspiring filmmaker, and a full time nerd (check out his podcast 2 Black Nerds @2blacknerds)."

Episode 03: "Dusk"

The last rays of sunlight have kissed the earth and the greens and purples have melted into grey under the moonlight. This is the time for reflection of growth upon the pedestal of nostalgia and the apotheosis of groove. Waiting to be renewed by the sun, we seek to become creatures of the night. This is Dusk.


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