December 16, 2019
Justin Ikerionwu

We were able to sit down and chat with two amazing musical creatives, Rauziel and Hoso. Rauziel, an extremely talented creative from Los Angeles, was able to start his music career and evolve over time. Gaining his own sound within his own lane where he knows he’s not competing with anybody other than himself. Rauziel has come from humble beginnings from starting his music career recording in his mom's garage as AROC to then taking it to the next level and becoming who Rauziel is today. Hoso, hailing from Kansas City, who is another creative talent that trusted in his own talent and his intuition to get him to where they are today. Not only that but to take a chance and embark on a journey to the City of Angels with only trust as a backing to stand against. Where both guys had to sleep in a car at times or remembering what is was like to actually tell labels no to maintain the authenticity and value of who they are. That alone took much needed trust and faith within themselves and most of all to know who they are as individuals and then using that as the driving force to elevate both of their careers.

Rauziel posing in his native Los Angeles,CA.

These two dope guys that have been through some of the most trying obstacles in the last 5 years to get things jumping for their careers. The best part is they were able to experience it all together. Sometimes as an artist, creative or even an entrepreneur, you have to go through that journey alone. Losing friends and even family but to have someone that you know is going to take down the monster with you or climb those heights is something to help you keep striving. Going through things that take the strongest of the strong, the best of the best to conquer and to continue to push through it no matter how hard it got. Taking this music industry by storm, this artist/manager duo knows exactly what it takes to take their careers into their own hands and achieve success. Both Rauziel and Hoso having to experience the hunger that drives LA and to stay 10 toes down because you have no choice but to be strong. Rauziel knows that LA is the land of opportunity and that everyone goes there to be somebody.  And Hoso also having that same energy to know that nothing is going to stop him from being somebody. Passion was something that came up in conversation with them as well. Stating that if the passion for what you want isn’t there then it will never come to you. Passion is something that helps drive success.

Host poses for a quick flick.

This alone is just another binding agent that keeps their partnership and friendship thriving and prosperous. Always making sure that they stay on the same page and trusting in one another that they are going to ride this thing until the wheels fall off. Anticipating the release of Rauziel’s album, which he has spent almost 2.5 years creating. Realizing that the wait in the creation of his album adds more value to what is being put out than something that is rushed. Low and slow is the best way to go and we can say that this method has worked for these two incredible creators.