Forever Cozy

July 1, 2019
Muenfua Lewis
Muenfua Lewis

Dwayne “7ierre” Snipes is an eccentric brother with a creative eye for style and a “cozy” lifestyle. Dwayne is almost unknowingly a fashion influencer in Kansas City having dabbled in modeling, styling, and overall vibe curating. Working as an Assistant Buyer for the Bunker, there’s no telling what the future holds for this well-traveled creative.


We are here with my man, Dwayne, better yet I will let you introduce yourself,  what's your name where you from?


Okay so if I was to introduce myself.

I would introduce myself as what most people would me as.

Which is Dwayne Snipes, my full name.

But my artist name obviously, is 7iere, which is what my Instagram name is. For those who always ask, it's not “Ziare” or anything like that! It's literally a “7” that is a “T” which is half of my middle name which is just 7iere, so I am Dwayne Snipes AKA you know me.


I like that a lot! Dwayne, I reached out to you to do this interview because I've always admired your style I love it.


Likewise Brother!


I appreciate that! You know... I want to know...well, tell the people what do you do. Whether it’s during the daytime or just on some creative stuff.  


So lately I would say, creatively, what's been capturing my eye is like the new movement that is kind of been happening.


Street Culture.

Street Fashion.


Worldwide Fashion.

Worldwide Wave.

All of it has cultivated the time and place that I'm in right now.  In my own personal life, I like to keep myself locally grounded, but worldwide influenced, which I think we all should. Especially being in the middle of the map {Kansas City}, it's it's a beautiful thing.

For us to always be so strong within where we're from but then again to kind of understand the world obviously we need to be traveling the world to understand the world.  

Now for everyday life, I…

Wake up.


Chill for a bit

Throw on some music

Is usually how I start my day off right now.

Right now, I'm really big into like the whole ASAP Mob movement and Skepta. Like that Grime movement. It's a beautiful collision.


I feel like they really represent High End Streetwear.


I don’t think people understand the swag Skepta has and obviously you know that whole team, Rocky, and whatnot.  

Then I have to go to work during the day. I am an Assistant Buyer at The Bunker.

I just put in my kind of Q's here and there, but I also work in the back and work out my own little projects, something like that.

Something that I know needs to be done,I  knock that out real quick, but at the same time, I'm still studying. Every single day, understanding the Fashion World, shoewear, high-end, low in.

I mean Collective.




All of it. So every day, I'm still teaching myself, but also putting smiles on people's faces [laughter].


Man, I have watched what you do from a distance.

And what I think is really fascinating is it seems like you have a very strong sense of self.

Have you always had that strong sense of self or did it take time to develop that?  


I mean literally like we were having this talk before this. Time is essential to us all. Obviously you know you can't bake the perfect pie, can’t make the perfect meal, can't paint the perfect picture in an instant. It takes time, you know? It takes time and it takes effort. I’ve taken time within myself to understand my faults, strengths and kind of just all of that.

That helped me to see who I am and what I am and how I maneuver to move myself around the place.

I'm literally one of those people, like... however you find me, you catch me, is how I'm going to be.

Regardless of the weather, the time the day.

I'm presenting myself. Giving myself. Raw, uncut, unedited to any and everyone.

Yeah man I'm a very big person on self, self care. Self care is also world care to everyone.


You know your personal style. How would you describe your personal style? What are some brands that you like? Give us a little breakdown.


So I’ll be honest! Streetwear for me…

I fully, fully love streetwear.

A lot of times, streetwear is not accessible to a lot of us, but lot of times we have to take what is given.

For me and my style right now, for like the movement that I got going on in my life, this chapter... I'm a very cozy dude!

So most people call it a dad lifestyle...I'm just very comfortable putting on a color

and basing that color off something whether it's a sock or a t-shirt.

Like to be honest with you, like 5 times out of the week, you'll find me in a white T-shirt, literally.  Just know though, that the pants, the socks,the bag, the sneaks... are going to be on point!

Now if I need to step out or something like that, obviously I'll do that but I'm just a very cozy person right now.

So in streetwear you obviously got the brands. I won’t even start with brands, I can start with people.

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