Human At the Center

October 20, 2020
Justin Ikerionwu & Muenfua Lewis
Muenfua Lewis

Enduring, Boundless, Brilliant. 

As time has gone on the limits have been pushed. For a people who have been trapped within circumstances, those same circumstances have been taken and used as the fuel to our internal engines. Blackness knows no limitation.

We are The architects of culture made by the design of our imagination powered by the yearning for a world where our hearts and minds can reign free as the authors of our own stories, free from the gaze of others around us.

Our narratives are essential to the overall novel of the world. Look at the show Lovecraft Country, if it’s taught us anything, it’s that black narratives can exist without being centered around whiteness. Make no mistake, as we look to the future generations, our compelling stories can’t be told without the crushing burden of racism making a strong guest appearance. 

However, as you experience By Design, we know our stories will challenge you. Not challenge you to accept that black stories merely exist, but challenge you to envision blackness beyond the horrific lens of whiteness that has never gotten our stories as black people quite right. See us beyond whiteness, see us beyond just a moral prop to justify to yourself that not all black people are worthy of love, there is no box that can confine our experiences and limit our existence. We come with many intersections, and facets. We are culture, the mirror to community, an image too vivid to be denied. We are many things, but at the center, we are human. Able to make mistakes, able to learn and grow, able to be innocent, able to be fluid, able to be us.