Jasmine Diane Interview

October 1, 2018
Muenfua Lewis
Muenfua Lewis

More than just style and branding, Jasmine Diane continues to grow, elevate, cultivate and strive to reach her entire potential; in her most authentic way. Her straightforward style and relentless persistence has taken her to levels where she can be an inspiration to herself and those around her. Always her, always Jasmine Diane.  

Muenfua: So, Jasmine Diane…

You; your brand. It’s killing it so far.

Jasmine: Thank you!

Muenfua: I was just thinking about all that you do. Truly, you’re doing a lot of incredible stuff right now, in the event space, brunch throwing, branding, consulting.

What I want to know is, where did you start? I know you went to school, but where did Jasmine start in this creative realm? Shine some light on your story.

Jasmine: (Laughs) Of course, well see I started on the computer, behind the screen talking about Celebrity Fashion in 2012. My first site was “The Fashion Story”. At that time, it was like no Jasmine, no Jasmine Diane, no brand. There were no pictures on the site. My logo was like trash. trash to be honest. So yes, I just talked about fashion shows in Kansas City and my parents would come and get me for the weekend so I can go to shows.

I’d travel back and forth.

I switched the name over in 2014, I believe and I've been going strong with that ever since. I just started talking about people’s clothes honestly and things just picked up and evolved into what it is today. It ballooned into style, blogging, consulting, everything you need!

Muenfua: So doing the fashion thing, was that just getting big? You were blogging and people just started catching on to it? Or was it something like,

“I just met the right people and more doors started to open up for me”?

Jasmine: That's a good question! I mean... I was doing something right! I would tell everybody to go to KC Fashion Week. I’d go there and after time I got invited to the St. Louis Fashion Week event. They paid for our travel; they paid for our food... it was like a 3-day ordeal! We went to the shows and they paid us to produce content so that's when I was like “Oh, I'm on to something!”

Fast Forward: I’ve worked with Pepsi, Starbucks, Walgreens, and two different agencies. My passions and fashion just kind of took me there. People like good visuals and now I start to talk about branding because that’s more of the space I’m in. Style blogging is oversaturated and it's so much harder to make money. However, creating and giving people good content and deliverables that they can learn from, there’s more opportunity. That’s kind of been my evolution.

Muenfua: So what made you step away from the fashion side and more into the blogging side? Because I know when we first met/interacted, I saw that you were more of a fashion blogger. So what kind of led into that transition? I know you mentioned the money, but..

(Jasmine Laughs)

Jasmine: Yeah okay, (laughingly) besides the money, branding and consulting is my niche and I was just seeing the need. When something bothers you, I think that’s your purpose. So I would see so many different sites and see people doing social media the wrong way to the point where I was like “See this is what I would do to fix it”. Through convos with my friends and doing my own work, I knew it was something I could do.

When I would host the “Branding with Jas, January”, I made more in that one day than all three of my brunches combined. So besides the money, it’s the joy that comes from seeing the underdog come up to a place where they can look back and see the great turn around.

I’ve heard stories of people that have used my tools or advice or lessons and made some great things happen. People don’t realize how big visuals are and how much they matter. If you have a good site you can sell anything.

Muenfua: So did you kind of see yourself as that underdog?

Jasmine: Oh for sure! I mean when I started I was in college, I didn’t have a car. My parents would come and take me to shows. I had a point and shoot camera (ugggghhh). I def didn’t have a lot of the resources like I do now. I just put the time in and had support from my family. They don’t really get it. My grandma would ask, hey are you still modeling? Like grandma, I’m not a model.

(Both Laugh)

Muenfua: Yes, I can relate. When I first started photography, I was renting cameras from my school to make things happen. We got in a car accident and people still would want to book me! I had to catch rides to keep the shoots going. Shoots were putting food on the table. It's always great to see people grind and grow. Its inspiring.  What is it now that still motivates you?

Jasmine: I think now it’s about the people around me and clapping for me. My parents had 6 kids and we came from a normal background not some super privileged life. And then seeing that and saying you can do it, you can make these major moves, that just keeps me going. Also, I like succeeding, all I do is win. I just want to keep going up!

Muenfua: You just won an award! Congrats!

Jasmine: Yes, Young Advertising Professional! Thank you!

Muenfua: So where do you see Jasmine Diane going in the future?

(Jasmine Laughs)

Jasmine: That’s a big question! That’s a loaded Question!

I want to continue to do the branding thing; I want to do more expanding with the brand through brunches and workshops around KC, the country and the world. I want to keep expanding my brand and going wherever the Lord takes me!

Muenfua: Amen