October 17, 2018
Muenfua Lewis

Jacob Buchanan, a photographer from Kansas City also known as Melting Giraffe, is currently working on his new project Moving Ghosts. Check out what Jacob has to say and some images from below:

Photo taken by Jacob Buchanan
"I ask people to wear their favorite outfit  because clothes show who a person is at that period in life, how they feel & have been feeling. They express who they want to be, it gives people confidence.  I am interested in sharing who people are and the connection that comes with that. Important locations come from the idea of boudoir. Boudoir comes from the french word bouder meaning: to sulk. Historically, sulking was seen as something one would do privately, and the term bouder came to encapsulate a room where one would go to withdraw and be quietly alone. A bouder was a place of intimacy and privacy, where one could express their true selves without fear of judgment or punishment.
Music does both of these as well. It encampments the mood of the artist while feeding into the feelings of society. What people are listening to shows just how times are changing in the same way clothes does. So I have been started reaching out to local bands to participate.
I want this project to let people in on a little bit more personal level that is intended to share and capture who we are without having to think about it or preform
This is an ongoing project."