Necie Love

February 6, 2020
Muenfua Lewis
Joe Gonzales

Don’t let others try to define what you already know about yourself. Self-worth as a creative is a major key. It lands you meaningful work, it could put more money in your pocket, and best of yet, it could lead you to a host of new opportunities you would have never imagined to be possible. Necie Love, a creative and Marketing Manager, knew her worth and took the leap of faith by moving to the hectic and bustling Atlanta, GA. Atlanta is home to big artists such as the Migos, Gucci Mane, and Jeezy to name a few. Now Necie finds herself immersed in the music business working within her passion of helping musical acts get into position to succeed.

Necie was born in Los Angeles but grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Growing up she loved music thanks to her parent's love of music. In her teens, she tragically lost her brother to whom she was close, in a tragic car accident, one that would change her life forever. Through music they bonded, and with him gone she held onto his memories through the songs she would listen to.

“I grew up loving hip hop from my dad. Warren G, Ice Cube, NWA, Snoop. I grew up on that from my Dad’s side. That’s where I got my love for music. I hated growing up in Tulsa, I would spend my summers in midtown LA and when I came back I was also like “Why do you ya’ll have me here!?” I always loved the bigger cities. What really drove me to music was my older brother, he did in a car accident at 16, but we both literally loved music. That’s how we vibed. He was like my best friend, so when he passed it had a hard effect on me in high school.”

School wasn’t easy for her and it wasn’t until going to college and finding a sisterhood within Alpha Kappa Alpha would she really began to have confidence in herself looking beyond the confines of school. She was only looking for jobs in communications and advertising, Thinking that Dallas or Los Angeles would be her next move. With the persuasion of her mother’s friends, she moved to Atlanta, no job secured or anything. Necie believed in herself. She knew what she was worth despite her struggles in school. She willingly applied for a position at Reach Records, a Christian Rap labeled headed by Lecrae. Not knowing if she’d get the job or not. In fact, she was hoping for a position at Turner Broadcasting which she kept getting turned down for.

“I just moved. I had no aspirations of being in the music industry at the time. I really wanted to be an advertising or marketing firm or I wanted to work at Turner Sports Broadcasting. I applied so many times and I didn’t get it. So when I got there [to Atlanta], I had applied to Reach Records, but I thought I did terrible during the interview process. I was out there without a job at express employment services filling out papers. At that moment I was questioning why I was in Atlanta. Why am I here? How did I get here? I cried when I got in the car on my way home after dropping off all these resumes. Once I got home, literally I got a call from Reach Records offering me the job of Marketing Manager.”

Working at Reach Records as a marketing manager, to say there was a strong learning curve would be an understatement, Necie had no prior experience in the music business, all she had was her passion to hang on to. A lesson learned, that even if you know what you’re worth, you have to build upon that because you really don’t know it all. Necie was thrown into big projects, it was a sink or swim situation. She learned on the job, made mistakes, but got better because of it. It’s a process.

“At first it was super exciting. My first day Lecrae was at the other end of the table at lunch. It was surreal. That was me and my brother’s favorite artist growing up. At the beginning of working here, my confidence was shaky at first. I just did it. Anything that I was afraid to do meant it was meant for me to do. It was pushing me to do something, it was pushing me to grow.”

Knowing your worth means you have to build on it. Necie is continuing to learn, but she also knew if given the chance she can succeed. This didn’t take away fear, fear of failure, fear of disappointment. Necie knows there’s a lot of people rooting for her. Especially as a woman of color in her industry, she’s going to have to not only open doors for others, but break them down. This only motivates her. Now she’s stepped outside of the bright lights of Reach Records and has begun digging deeper into her passion of helping artists as an entrepreneur. Necie is growing every day but has never sacrificed herself worth. Pushing herself to higher heights as her journey in Atlanta has truly just begun being a few years in. With more to come, Necie is giving her older brother, the ultimate tribute, making waves through their passion for music.