Portrait of a Person: Astin McAfee

September 20, 2020
Quinton Burnett
Muenfua Lewis

“I just identify as myself…I’m just a person living in this human experience.”

Astin McAfee

Enter Astin McAfee (they/them). The 23 year old Overland Park, Kansas native is a dancer, model, and above all else, a person. A person who lives freely; free from labels, limits, and fear. 

Growing up in Kansas (a state painted red for decades) Astin has a thrived through authenticity, “I’ve always been myself with confidence…either you f****d with me and had my back or you didn’t”. Life in America as a member of an “other'd” group can sometimes feel like being trapped in a reductionist hells-cape; boiled down to a single identifier be it race, gender, sexual orientation, “I feel like with queer identity people think there should be labels and disclosure, but if you just accept people for what they present themselves as then things would be a lot easier.” 

Where do we go from here?

As we all move towards understanding and acceptance the two words that resonate the most are support and respect, “the best advice is to surround yourself with people who you know will support you, but don’t discount the people who are around you because people will surprise you.”

Who is Astin McAfee? In their own words…

”I’m just me.”