December 11, 2019
Rashida Rogers

Being a woman in street wear is at an all time high right now, and as time progresses it will only get better. Women are involving themselves more and more into a primarily male dominant field, and quite frankly to me, it’s all fascinating to watch. Women have always been placed on this high pedestal that they must dress a certain way, of how society feels a woman should dress. Rather than be in high heels, the miniskirts, the tight dresses, or the evening gowns. And don’t get me wrong I’m all for feeling and looking sexy but on any given day I love to be comfortable, and women love the feeling of comfort. We get so tired of having to explain ourselves on a day to day basis, us women as a whole are breaking stereotypes and tapping into our creative nature. Social media such as Instagram has become the biggest platform to truly express who we are as individuals, which goes for both men and women. It’s a way to connect with others who share the same common interest, and can even open doors if used the right way. I don’t feel that women and men are in competition in this day & age; both genders are becoming equally yoked within the street wear culture.

Ever since I could remember as a young girl, I’ve always had a love for sneakers and then it grew into not just sneakers but clothes. I remember way back in middle school going into high school, up until my junior year, I would spend majority of my time watching sneaker un boxing videos/ and clothing hauls. During a time when only a handful of women were engaging into the street wear community. I had a strong love for one brand in particular and that was Nike SB’S (even though I couldn’t skate board) It was then I knew I was a tomboy, but a girly tomboy if that makes sense. Because I was still all for the makeup, pretty nails, and laid hair. Overtime I developed a style that was my own, a style that I could really tap in tune with, all while not being afraid to wear what I want, how I want, and when I wanted. I knew I was going to be judged regardless of whatever I did, so being afraid to be myself, was the least of my concern. Piecing together outfits with a nice pair of sneakers on my feet always gave me a rush of pure excitement, it gave me peace, it gave me happiness, and everything just felt right.


Life has been this big crazy beautiful mess, I’ve seen & felt a way about certain things within my lifetime that I wish I never had to ever experience. But I know that it was just a contribution to the divine alignment of the young woman that I am today & still becoming. Just like everyone at some point in their life, I have suffered through the stages of depression. Believe it or not, mines started earlier than others at the age of 10. From family issues, from being bullied, from heartbreak, from doubting myself, from feeling discouraged about what my true purpose is in life, to feeling as if I’m just surviving, and not really living & utilizing my God given talents. The list can go on and on, but just know that I’ve been there. I’ve sat up in my room and cried and screamed into my pillow at the top of my lungs to the point where I couldn’t breathe. I’ve used sleep as a coping mechanism to escape from this harsh reality. I’ve seen my weak side, and I promised myself that I wouldn’t allow myself to fumble back there. But I’d be lying, if I told you that I was truly happy in this present moment. I lost my brother last year to suicide and my whole perspective on life changed.

A few goals I have in mind are to get back to my first true love poetry, performing on stage more, and staying consistent with it.  I’m also working on a clothing brand that will incorporate poetry & art. I think about clothes all day every day, and would love to start styling other people more.


This issue “kids” hits home for not just me but for a lot of us. I honestly use to think that life was going to be this perfect fairy tale. How I would grow up to be married by 25, living in a mansion, and producing a 6 figure salary. I thought I had life all figured out, not realizing that I have a lifetime to go. Now at the age of 26, I’m still learning something new about myself every day, but who isn’t. That’s the beauty of things; it’s doing your best to turn a negative into a positive, and taking time to embrace the unknown. I’ve come to terms that these are my selfish years, which I should be taking the highest risk possible, all while enjoying the moment, and trusting the process of getting to where I need to be at. Wanting to make my parents proud, being financially stable, and praying that the universe answers back accordingly. We’re all still “kids”, just older, a bit wiser, still making hiccups, and very hopeful that we’ll still get the opportunity to live out our dreams one day.