February 11, 2019
Muenfua Lewis

It seems like nowadays diversity and inclusion are typical buzzwords. Words used to promote ineffective ideologies to come across as “with the times”. Feminism, at its true version is beautiful concept, but degraded by an uninformed society, creating jaded perceptions of a necessary principles. Make no mistake family, the future is female. Respect it. Embrace it. Live it. Women, especially women of color are resisting being limited to just the muse of art work. Women in streetwear especially, are tired of being excluded and left out of the discussion. The world of streetwear has a way to go, but thankfully Cozy Girl Squad exists. Donette Lowe, a Kansas City, Kansas native and the founder of Cozy Girl Squad has created a movement for women of color in streetwear to truly be themselves, cozy.  

Cozy Girl Squad

Cozy Girl Squad is creative collective that aims to eliminate the lack of representation that women, especially women of color, experience in streetwear culture and they just dropped their first collection with their second collection on the way. The first collection boldly is embroiders “Stop Get Dressed for Likes”, challenging influencer culture behavior where folks are only dressing for social media, not because they truly identify with what they’re wearing.


“So the shirt is an outward representation of what we are, how we feel on the inside as cozy girls, as women of color who embraced streetwear culture and that kind of misrepresentation within the mainstream...I just had this conversation with a friend of mine that works for Nike had reached out and was like,  “you know besides CGS [Cozy Girl Squad] where do you look to for encouragement or enlightenment as a woman of color in streetwear?” I said, I don’t thats why CGS exist. I don’t have anything else…

Donette Lowe in Cozy Girl Squad

These drops mean something to the everyday, cozy girl. The ladies who can’t afford to pay for a whole new collection, for the ladies who spend carefully because they’re not rich. The reason they’re buying this drop is because they truly identify with what Cozy Girl Squad stands for and the community that comes with it.

I Do this for the girls that purchase carefully. I’m not trying to foster a culture of hype, I just want you to know about CGS”

With the first drop come and gone, the second drop has infiltrated streetwear as well. Donette is creating a movement, a community that values women of color in streetwear. A refreshing collective that is representing a group of women who have been severely misrepresented and terribly underrepresented in our culture. The movement will only get bigger. The By Design Team is excited to see CGS continue to grow as more women find their place in this dope community.