The Heart


By Design Magazine is a platform that upholds a community that values creativity, youth, and authenticity. With everything that we do, we want to create physical and non-physical spaces of comfort. Over the past few months we’ve been hard at work creating our next issue, and now its almost time to celebrate this new product. Many talented and bright creatives have helped put together a better, more cohesive, and compelling issue. Now its time to celebrate the work of these creatives, but continue to push the community forward.

It all comes to fruition with By Design’s next event, The Heart: The Speakeasy. As we release Issue 002 to the world. What better way to celebrate this monumental release than with the unique, mysteriousness of a speakeasy? Speakeasies were hidden bars that served alcohol during the tremulous times of prohibition. Through unique and secretive measures, they were able to provide an intimate and fun experience for customers without being caught by the law. This hole in the walls were home to a unique experience, being invited to one was a special deal. Issue 002 for By Design encompasses grit, determination, and a unique east coast flair rare within the confines of Kansas City. For our speakeasy, we will have music, free drinks, creative networking, good vibes, and our friends from Streetwavve providing unique media coverage too. In the spirit of the speakeasy, to remain secretive, we won’t release the address for this dope event until THE WEEK of! So purchase your ticket ASAP while they are sold.

Any questions, hit the By Design Team up! Join us for our Issue 002 release party, whether you are a photographer, model, videographer, dancer, writer, artist, entrepreneur, professional, or just looking for a good time.


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