The Kritiq



The By Design Team had the opportunity to capture and enjoy the Kritiq Fashion Show! Check out a mini recap.

OTC - Open To Change is inspired by their surroundings. Street and art merge to bring together a simplistic and modern collection. It’s clear to see that street graffiti is a heavy influence in collection. 

Hannah Kristina Designs- Prom dresses are the influence of this line. The younger audience and the idea of a special night out inspired her. Even tones and different fabrications are the focuses. She wanted to get away from the traditional silks and that was evident in her pieces. This is a line full of elegance. 

Heartshaped Clothing- Showcasing love, Husband and wife came together to create a collection that hopes to provoke and pump a little love through the streets of the Kansas City, Missouri. They brought a lot of adoration and vigor to this line.

ChampSystems creates limited collections to promote exclusivity. ChampSystems is where streetwear and athletic gear collide. The brand brought a TON of energy to the catwalk and put the same amount of energy into every piece.

Kyrie Ellison Collection (Cultural Couture) - This collection was inspired by the idea of being comfortable in your own skin and continuing to recreate yourself. 

House of Rena- Ready to wear clothing designs. The love for holidays is the influence of this collection. Being around family and friends, the feeling of togetherness, romance all inspired this collection. House of Rena house that the feeling of the season is felt in each piece. 

MADE Mobb- Streetwear. Made brings streetwear to Kansas City in only the way they know how.
This collection is a step up for Made. After 5 years in the game they are taking aim for a higher quality material. Cut and sewn pieces are a focus of this collection. With Many refined pieces the Made Mobb was in rare form. MADE MOBB ended a great night off in a great way.

Words by Justin

Images by Trea Allen

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