Summer has always been the most anticipated season of the year! Filled with bouts of hot summer fun, events, festivals and not to mention tons of food! Well, Streetwavve was able to combine all of that into one dynamic podcast and in the format of a summer show! Something audible, something visual, something unforgettable, and something that will grab your attention and hold you there! 


I was able to cover Streetwavve’s Kick off 2nd Annual Summer Podcast Show Series hosted at Kobi-Q near downtown Kansas City. This particular show featured @_foodpapi and @samoanrastaa also known as Mark and Mark! This dynamic duo is cruising the streets in search of all the local restaurants and wonderful food here in our very own city while sharing their story. The show also had a DJ (Duncan Barnett) and a featured artist, No $kope. But before I get into the show, I was able to chat a little with the creator of this beautiful series and he goes by Nate. Nate began his Streetwavve Podcast about 2 years ago and has not stopped since! Let me delve a little deeper into some of the things we chatted about…


Tell me more about the origin of these live shows?


They all began last year in June and what’s crazy is that we have Duncan Barnett DJ’ing this set, and he was our first DJ at last years as well. I had the opportunity to do it last summer after 3 podcasts and I was like let’s just do it! Sessions 4-7 were recorded live which was really cool. It really broke the ice and put me out there and at that time I didn’t know what I was doing but now Dom and I have grown into such a duo and hopefully, you’ll get to see that tonight!


How do you feel now that this concept has come to life?


Well, I can go back to when the concept hit me which was about a year and a few months ago. And it was just a blog that I wanted to do called Streetwavve. But I felt like I wasn’t doing enough so I wanted to do a podcast. For three months I dug in and really learned how to create a vibe, not just a conversation but the vibe and that is what I really focused on. So, for me to be working on that weekly I’ve been able to master the craft and continuing to master it because I feel like there’s no hill at the end!



So how do you see this evolving and where do you see it going?


I see it joining with another strong force here in the city and being the example of not just the culture, but of leadership and of intentions. You can see it, you can feel it, and you want to be a part of it. I think people are really missing that here. So, in the future, I really hope to have obtained all of that! I really hope to get to that point where the room is packed, and you can’t find room anywhere… that kind of thing. But until then that is definitely a goal of ours.


What is your ultimate goal with this podcast show?


For those people out there, that are wanting to do something but never had the courage to do it, those that have been contemplating on doing something full time, but they can’t do it. It’s a sacrifice it’s that step. I am really hoping to be an example of that, the guy that risked everything, that guys that did put everything on the table, that guy that left everything on the stage and continued it. Because consistency is key and once you get it it’s addicting and it’s a great feeling. And all that will never stop!


Man, what a pleasure it was chatting with Nate. Not only that but the show definitely blew all my expectations! Getting to see the connections and the vibes made within the live setting alone was a sight to see. Real laughs were had, real stories were told! It was so raw, so undefined and it had so much culture. Something the city was definitely missing and something you shouldn’t want to miss out on this summer!

Interview by Jay Collins

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