While creativity and inspiration are limitless, product is not.

DEPLETION: Anita Easterwood

“I've never thought this through to this extent so allow for a pause because this is me trying to understand myself for the first time too..but I didn’t realize how intertwined my passion for drawing was with Black culture..."

Inspiration is free

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By Design Radio Episode 04

Jayden Fleming is an event host and rollout specialist hailing from Wichita, KS. Operating as the Creative Director of Mars Mansion and Creator of AFTERDARK: An R&B Experience he considers himself a curator of culture. 


The story of Jericho is colorful, animated, and filled with twists and anticipation. The highs and the lows are what make a good story. He has been able to continue to push his own personal limits and put his own stamp on a growing industry in America. 

Necie Love

Don’t let others try to define what you already know about yourself. Self-worth as a creative is a major key. It lands you meaningful work, it could put more money in your pocket, and best of yet, it could lead you to a host of new opportunities you would have never imagined to be possible.



Issue 005 (Print)
Issue 005 (Print)
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